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thiocyclist 08-04-12 11:13 AM

New guy from Colorado
Hey everyone. Just a quick intro as I have just signed up. I am a commuter cyclist, riding a relatively humble Windsor Oxford 3-speed I picked up online a year ago on the cheap. Before that it was an adolescent-sized Trek MT 800. I got back into cycling when I moved to Colorado, where everything seems so much more bike-friendly than back at my old digs. Now I can barely get behind the steering wheel of my car without a bit of a frown...

I've joined mostly to seek maintenance help (I try to DIY when I can) but also to look into information about training and events.

10 Wheels 08-04-12 11:20 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Look around and have fun posting.

jamesgillon 08-04-12 11:27 AM

where in colorado? i just left that amazing state

thiocyclist 08-04-12 08:44 PM

Denver, actually. Great city for a commuter like me.

jamesgillon 08-05-12 10:28 AM

indeed it is i was in colorado springs up until last month

thiocyclist 08-06-12 08:45 AM

I also ride with the Denver Cruiser Ride occasionally, on top of commuting and doing road trails. The Cruisers are an interesting bunch. I mostly go for the people watching. It is interesting (and sometimes understandable) to see the ire they generate among other cyclists.

waterrockets 08-06-12 10:16 AM

Welcome. I grew up in and around Denver. Lots of great riding to be had on all sorts of tires ;)

Enjoy BF!

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