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Jaxx317 11-02-12 10:57 PM

hello - new to the biking world but loving it!
Hi there!

Just joined recently. New to biking (haven't ridden since I was a kid), and new owner of a folding bike here in Brooklyn, NY! Excited to start commuting by bike and learning from all you bike gurus out there :)

wicked ink 11-02-12 10:58 PM

Welcome aboard! :)

10 Wheels 11-03-12 05:43 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums from Texas.

Ekdog 11-03-12 09:46 AM

Welcome! :)

We're discussing how bikes are helping folks commute in the wake of Sandy here.

Come join us.

Jaxx317 11-04-12 07:14 PM

thanks all! only ridden about 15 miles so far and slowly getting over my fear of riding next to/with cars, but getting there!

ekdog - omg having a bike now is a dream come true! the main reason i got one in the first place was to avoid the MTA as much as possible, but this last week it's really been the only way to get around! tried to follow your link to discussion as I would love to join, but brought me back to this post :( can you re-send the link?

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