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BristolScouse 11-21-12 05:10 AM

Good morning from sunny England
Hi guys,

My name is Mark from Bristol, UK. At a quick glance I seem to be the only one from this side of the pond, but hey.
Ive recently got back into cycling, as has probably most of the UK since the Olympics. Currently riding my old but trust worthy Carrera Subway 2. On average I suppose Im doing 6 x 20-25 mile rides a month. Im only doing it for the fun of getting out and seeing the sights.
Joined the forum to get some advise on upgrading....


Juha 11-21-12 06:09 AM

Cheers Mark.

"This side of the pond" meaning your side of the Channel or what? :) Welcome to Bike Forums!


jimc101 11-21-12 06:47 AM

Morning, what do you mean by upgrading? what's wrong with the bike in it's current setup?

contango 11-21-12 06:52 AM

Hey, another Brit :)

What do you want a bike to do that your current bike doesn't do?

BristolScouse 11-26-12 09:42 AM

By "this side of the pond" I mean Atlantic Ocean. When I registered it seemed like everyone was from USA and no-one from UK :)

BristolScouse 11-26-12 09:44 AM

My current bike is good. But Id like something better and better suited to what Im doing at the moment. The Carrera is an MTB with road tyres. Im doing mostly road cycling now so want something with bigger, thinner wheels and a lighter frame. Currently contiplating a Boardman Hybrid Team :)

BristolScouse 11-26-12 09:46 AM


Umm yeah. When you put it like that, not a lot, lol.
see above post :)

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