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cavpilot 12-26-12 06:26 PM

New to road biking in Lower Alabama
New to road biking. Always been a jogger but after several decades it's just too hard on the joints, and need to stay in shape / lose some weight.

Just got a 2012 Cannondale Synapse 5 105 (AL frame). AMAZING difference from riding a 12 yr old mountain bike.

10 Wheels 12-26-12 06:28 PM

Hey cavpilot,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Nice bike.

Quillback424 12-27-12 05:20 AM

Which Lower Alabama?
When in worked at the Navy base in Pensacola, they called the Florida panhandle LA (Lower Alabama). Are you in the panhandle or the real LA?

Leukybear 12-28-12 04:46 AM

Those newer cdales are great rides. The synapse happens to be one of the favorites out there along with the CAAD10.

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay. :)

cavpilot 11-06-14 03:07 PM

Actual Alabama

Mark Stone 11-06-14 05:58 PM

Originally Posted by cavpilot (Post 17282471)
Actual Alabama

Two years later, you're back? Well, welcome back . . . .

cb400bill 11-07-14 05:27 AM

Welcome back to Bike Forums!

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