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Velopianist 02-23-13 09:57 AM

New to Bike Forums
Hi, I'm a Bay Area biker and musician.
A big fan of vintage road bikes!


1966 Peugeot PX 10
19?? Mercier 200
2010 Scattante CFR (non vintage)
1980 Motobecane Interclub tandem

10 Wheels 02-23-13 01:30 PM

Hello Steve,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

My wife asks me how do you ride 4 bikes?

One at a time.....

BillyD 02-23-13 02:55 PM

Hi Steve, sounds like you're gonna love our Classic and Vintage forum.

Welcome aboard!

gville73 01-11-15 08:18 PM


I've recently acquired a Motobecane Inter Club and I'm looking for other Forum members to share information on this model. Mine's fairly clean and original, although it needs a bit of service before taking it out for a longer ride (by longer, I'm talking 20-30 miles). Any information, discussion, reflection is welcome. Thanks.


cb400bill 01-11-15 08:30 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Steve!

I look forward to seeing you in the Classic & Vintage forum.

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