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nailr65 02-27-13 03:53 PM

Hello from Upstate New York

RonH 02-27-13 05:21 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.
What bike(s) do you ride?

10 Wheels 02-27-13 08:00 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums from Texas.

nailr65 03-04-13 07:27 AM

Vintage 1995 GT RTS 2 with manny upgrades including studded tires for the Northeastern weather
Recent purchase 2013 Scott Genius 730

johnnyboy1 03-04-13 11:10 AM

Welcome from a WNY year-round rider. Those studded tires are great, aren't they? Wish I had got them sooner.

nymtber 03-04-13 11:37 AM

Welcome to the forum!

-from Upstate NY myself. I'm waiting for spring...

Stun 03-04-13 12:17 PM

Welcome to the forum! Your pic reminds me of my own commute!

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