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WildCarder 05-06-13 06:43 AM

Theory Proven True: You Do Never Forget!
As my 5yr old began to outpace my ability to jog behind him, I decided it would be easier to keep up with him on a bike of my own. I was a bit nervous as i had not even sat on a bicylce in close to 30years. Ad you know what? Apart from some early wobbles, you really do never forget how to ride a bike. I started out with a Trek Pure for 1 day, but quickly realized I wanted to bring bicycling into my weekly work out routines (43 with a 5yr old and a baby on the way: must stay in shape!). So purely based on surfing the site and a store confirmation I upgraded to the Verve 3. This allows me go slow enough to keep up with the little one, but definitely let's me work up a sweat around the park.

I have never used these forums before, but I need some help. I have a 22.5" Verve 3. At about 12miles my hands get tingly and numb. I went back to Trek and they raised the handle bars some. That didn't help, and I got sore in uncomfortable places! ;-)

I tried the Trek user guide, and there wasn't a simple cause, effect, recommendation section. May I be so bold as to ask anyone for advice on a "how to adjust" website? I bought a hybrid but already think that's a mistake as I'm about road commuting and riding (at least so far) on paved parks. Thanks in advance!

qcpmsame 05-06-13 07:49 AM

Hello WildCarder , good to have you join us here at BF. Maybe a post describing your problems with your hands going numb and the soreness in the Hybrid Bike Forum could get you some help. Unless you have some nerve damage like Carpal tunnel syndrome the bike's fit for your build is the problem. I'm not much on positioning on a hybrid with its flat or upright bars, no experience there. Positioning of the seat height and its fore/aft adjustment as well as stem height can help with numbness in the hands. You might try cycling specific gloves, like the Spenco Ironman I use, they have a palm pad system that really helps many riders.

Your soreness in the other areas is also fit and position related as well as the seat itself. Your bike shop should do more to fit the bike to you. Go into the forums and post your questions there for some in depth help. Best of luck in solving your problems.


WildCarder 05-06-13 07:53 AM

Thank you! Heading to that form!

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