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GrandisJB 05-06-13 04:23 PM

Still Biking at 75, but selling classic Grandis and 5 wheelsets
I started serious biking in a group in London, Ontario, Canada about 1972 with, I recall, a Falcon. I've since retired from academia as a sensory neurophysiologist (Univ of Western Ontario and Univ of Washington in Seattle), and subsequently retired as a legal assistant in Seattle. Before I left Canada in 1975 I bought a Grandis and, once in Seattle added mostly Campagnolo parts; then rode the Grandis and a Peugeot for a while before I got a mountain bike (SuperGo) to commute from about 1978 until 1992. I still have and ride the SuperGo; the Peugeot frame broke; and the Grandis has been stored for about the last 28 years or so. Somehow I ended up with 5 extra wheelsets, all clinchers and presta valves: 3 are Phil Wood hubs; 2 are Sunshin and there are 2 Campy skewers and 2 Sunshin skewers and one Atom. Sally Hildt who owned the Magic Spoke in Seattle (no longer there, I don't think) built the wheels; she was one of the best.
At 75 years old I've slowed down but enjoy backpacking and short bike trips (15 to 20 miles) around Port Townsend, WA, where we now live, though we used to go out for about 200 miles a week in the 1970's and 1980's; and once rode to San Francisco (on the Peugeot). Now a lot of our riding is done in Borrego Springs, CA, where we go to boondock at the Peg Leg Smith site for about 3 months after Xmas. These are mostly fond reflections, and a test of my aging memory, about biking, but I'll list the Grandis on the proper forum.

qcpmsame 05-06-13 04:48 PM

Hi GrandisJB, welcome to BF, you should contact an administrator or a moderator about listing the things in the correct forum, you need to be a paid member to sell here. It sounds like you cycling experience is very deep, I hope you will share that with us. We have a fantastic 50+ Forum, I hang out there, check into the forum and stick around.


GrandisJB 05-07-13 10:10 AM

Thanks, Bill. I'm finding it a bit confusing to know just which forum and proper access, so your suggestions are a helpful guide. Didn't realize there was a 50+ forum, too! John

10 Wheels 05-07-13 12:39 PM

Hey John,

Sign up here for a paid memembership:

Post Photos here:

qcpmsame 05-07-13 06:00 PM

John, I just hope I helped you and that you enjoy the site. The staff and members here have made my return to riding and regaining my health after several surgeries much easier.Your bikes sound interesting, use the links that 10 Wheels had posted to help you get started. Best of luck on your sales.


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