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SmileSmile 05-07-13 05:12 PM

New to biking/From NY/Brought a folding bike as my first bike! ( ^ ( o o ) ^ )/)

I'm new to Bike Forums and also new to biking. I am a from New York, a college student. I just ordered a Citizen Tokyo (Sour Apple!) folding bike online a few days ago. I haven't really ride on a bike since I was a child. So I am pretty excited and scared at the same time about biking. But biking is something I want to include in my lifestyle, as a way to commute to school, and bike with friends. I am glad I found this forum because it seems that people here are very nice and informative when I posted a thread debating between the Citizen Miami 20" & Citizen Tokyo 16" for my size. I am looking forward into biking and also learning from people on this forum.

Thank you for reading this!
Amy G. :)

qcpmsame 05-07-13 06:12 PM

Hello Amy, Good to have you here at BF, glad you joined us. Sounds like you have surfed around the site a bit, hope that you find the forums that suit your needs. Our daughter commuted in college (Smith College, Northhampton Ma.) and for her graduate work at UGA, still does in Atlanta, she loves riding to commute to work and for pleasure. When you get your new folder please post some pictures in the Folding Bike Forum.


1nterceptor 05-07-13 07:00 PM

Welcome aboard Amy! I can understand your safety concerns about riding in NYC.
When I started commuting to work 6 years ago I was also nervous around traffic
even though I rode motorcycles and even worked as a messenger in the city. But
after a while you quickly get used to it. NYCEwheels in the upper eastside has free
Brompton bike tours on Saturdays. Go on Five Boro Bike Club's free group rides.
Take a free safety class with Bike New York. All of these will help you get used to
riding with traffic.

oddjob2 05-08-13 06:36 AM

I just rode from Jacob Javits to the lower east side via the bike path for the first time. also just did my first 5 Boro. Centrral Park is great too. Haven't ridden in NYC since about 1971!

So ride "off road" to regain confidence. Enjoy!

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