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Jacques G 06-08-13 01:20 PM

Hey people! I'm not a biker at all. My wife got me this stationary bike for Christmas and I just started using it a few weeks ago. I stumbled across these forums the other day after having horrible cramps in my calves at the end of my workout, when the cadence increases a lot. Turns out my feet were way too far back on the pedals. I moved them forward and no more cramps!

I just did my first 1-hour workout on the bike, and I wasn't even planning on it. After the first half hour, I was feeling great so I did another 30 minute circuit. Felt awesome. I always preferred bikes to treadmills / running for my cardio, but the only time I got to use one was in a gym at my old apartment complex, and they were the recumbent style. It feels great to be able to get a good workout in my garage, not have to worry about traffic or debris, or chains and tires, etc. Cranking up the tunes is pretty awesome too.

Not really planning to get into "real" riding, though I wouldn't rule it out completely. Maybe one day. :)


qcpmsame 06-08-13 05:44 PM

Hello Jacques, welcome to BF, watch out when you are visiting here, the need to ride a bike can become overwhelming.


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