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bertonisteeze 06-09-13 08:00 AM

Hello from Virginia (NOVA)
I recently stumbled across a bertoni corsa mondiale 1986. I dont know much about bikes but for the past couple of months ive been on the lookout for one. Was helping a buddy move and came across this gem. I was wondering if the condition of this bike was good or not. Riding wise, its flawless. every gear shift is smooth and brakes a tuned. So what I am wondering is. Do i keep the bike as is and keep its OG style. Or do i break the bike down. sand it and repaint it to my likings. I would want to order all OG decals for bike, but just throw some new paint on. Or will this crash the value of the bike. Its not in bad condition, but some scratches here and there and the OG decals are gone.. Let me know what you guys think. thanks so much. Look forward to riding this bike for years!"][/URL]

qcpmsame 06-09-13 10:34 AM

Hello, welcome to BF, it looks like you found a nice, well made bike in pretty good condition. The best place to get help on identifying and learning about your Bertoni is our Classic and Vintage Forum, post some pictures, drive side facing out, in daylight against a light uncluttered background. Also, show the drive close up and front and rear angle shots with the brake sets clearly showing. If you can find the serial number show that and lastly some shots of the bottom bracket (the frames housing of the crank's spindle.)

The members there will be able to better help you out, they are a very knowledgeable group and very helpful. The lug work and presence of a pump peg say that it is probably a reasonably nice bike and the components look to be quality items for their period. Columbus tubing and Shimano 600 indexed shifting are both good to have. The exact tubing type can be determined and the C&V guys and gals probably can tell you this. Best of luck, and I hope the miles are enjoyable for you.


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