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JeroenMostert 06-09-13 10:55 AM

Hello from Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
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Hi, I'm Jeroen living in the Netherlands.

I found this site while researching for buying a folding bike.

My bicycle collection:
Batavus Cheyenne (2002) - 21 speed (hybrid?/Town bike). Occasionally used for a nice weather commute: (34 km to and 34 km back)
Foldable trailer: Not using it very much, but sometimes useful.
Ori M9 folder: since a week using it for a 7 km bike - 20 minute train - 2.5 km bike commute.
Beater bike (I used it between office and trainstation now replaced by Ori M9 folder) Fender are rusted loose. 3 speed gear hub is stuck in 2nd gear.

chewa 06-09-13 01:06 PM


My wife and I (both from Dutch families - in the distant past!) have toured the Netherlands many times.


qcpmsame 06-09-13 05:44 PM

Hello Jeroen, welcome to BF, its great to have someone form the Netherlands join us here. Our Folding Bike and Commuting Forums should be good places for your participation and questions. Your stable is very nice, great trailer set up too.


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