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crashmo 06-09-13 10:07 PM

Hello again!
So, I never really settled in to these forums, but have been on the bike a lot lately and want to be a part of the discussions. I'm in the Atlanta area, and have struggled to meet cyclists over the last five years of living here. I left Denver, where I enjoyed a rich cycling group, with fun rides every weekend. There are a few roadies 'round here, but it's a death trap out there on the roads. I'm planning a tour from here to Charleston in the fall, along roads that don't see much cycling action.

I'm 34, love to ride, and love to look at/work on/drool over all kinds of bikes. I've built/bought/sold/swapped over a hundred different bikes, and finally have my collection whittled down to my touring rig, a mountain bike, and a road bike. I think I want a foldy bike to take on work trips too...

Looking forward to being a part of the action here. Cheers!

qcpmsame 06-10-13 05:16 AM

Hi, welcome to BF, belatedly but gladly. Try the Southeast Regional Forum to find other cyclist that are looking to set up rides. You should check in the Local Bike Shops for group rides they help with and for clubs that can connect you with area cyclist. My daughter lives in Atlanta and she rides a good bit, it is all in the routes you choose and your awareness of the motorist and other distractions out there. Try the Touring Forum for your trip plans, those members are experienced in the specifics of bike trips and longer rides like you are contemplating, it sounds like a nice tour to me, beautiful country all along the routes. Best wishes on your search for riding partners, maybe a club, and on the trip. I'm hoping that RonH, a really nice moderator, that lived in Atlanta for a while, will respond to your introduction. He knows the shops and clubs up in Atlanta very well.


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