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M.K. 06-10-13 03:20 PM

Cheers from Belgium
Hi there,

To be honest, I just wandered into this forum because I couldn't find any information on the Colnago bike I have.
I went through every possible list of Colnago types I could find, but no luck as of yet.

I'll post my question and pictures in the right section.

Best regards,


qcpmsame 06-10-13 04:29 PM

Hi M.K., glad to have you here at BF. For some information on your Colnago the Classic and Vintage Forum will be the best place to start. If one of the experts there can't identify the bike they can direct you towards registries and websites they know of. If you post pictures try and show the drive side out, against a plain light/white background, some angle views, the front and rear views and the bottom bracket from below. If there is a visible, legible serial number let them know that, also. Best of luck on the identification and stick around the site when you get that information.


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