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seashmore 06-13-13 11:50 AM

Hi there!
seashmore here!
I'm a Mormon currently living in Omaha and have been riding with some regularity since 2009, when I made a friend who was contagiously passionate about biking. I've done a couple of metric centuries for various charities and make a short commute partway to work (leaving my car at a trailhead all day to avoid traffic, nasty hills, and the need to pack a change of clothes), so I'm not even close to hardcore. I consider myself familiar with biking terminology, but have trouble applying the terms to my life and bikes, if that makes any sense.

I've also named my bikes.
Nuella: a Raleigh mountain bike from Craigslist that some friends chipped in and gave me for Christmas 2009
Black Betty: a hardware store road bike (it says TrueValue on it) my grandpa bought for my mom circa 1974
Ruby Gayle: a Bridgestone 100 I recently bought for $20 from a guy cleaning out his garage after a divorce

When I'm not riding, I enjoy reading, writing, crocheting, and watching random shows/movies. I frequently quote The Princess Bride and Dr. Horrible. My favorite music depends on my mood; I'm familiar with most of the major genres. Right now I'm into folk rock with a little bit of pop/Top 40, but was previously on a prog-classic country kick before that. I'm open, quirky, whimsical, and on Instagram.

RonH 06-13-13 02:03 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. You'll fit right in with us. Have fun. :thumb:

qcpmsame 06-13-13 04:43 PM

Hi, welcome to BF. Jump in and find the forums that suit your needs best.


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