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jourjo11 06-14-13 05:31 PM

Hello from central IL!
Hi everyone! My name is Janelle and I'm pretty new to the world of biking. I go to the University of Illinois and am studying journalism. I'll graduate in a year, when I'll probably move out to New York; not exactly sure where yet, wherever the job is! Or that's the plan right now, anyway.

Champaign-Urbana is a pretty bike-friendly town, but I'm not sure if the next place I go will be. Either way, I'm bringing my bike with me! I bought a Schwinn Voyager 21 at our best bike shop last year, and I love it. It works very well for my short commute to campus and for running errands around town. I also found a great helmet at - not many other students wear helmets, but I live off-campus and ride in from downtown so I think it's extra necessary. Even if I didn't have the extra commute, I would still wear a helmet!

I joined the forum because our bike shop in town is helpful and all, but sometimes they make me feel really stupid when I go in there and ask questions. Maybe I'm a little bit self-conscious; they probably don't think anything like that about me at all. But, either way, I want to build my knowledge about cycling and about taking care of my bike.

10 Wheels 06-14-13 05:42 PM

Hey Janelle

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Look around, jump in, ask questions, and have fun.

You can ask any question in any forum.

qcpmsame 06-14-13 07:21 PM

Hi Janelle, welcome to BF, its great to have you take the time from your studies to join us here. Maybe if you read up in the Mechanics Forum, as 10 Wheels said, and ask questions of the members there when you have one you can show the LBS a thing or two. Regardless, don't let that kind of thing stop you from enjoying cycling. I'm very pro helmet too, I come from a motocross and hare scrambles motorcycle racing background and it just second nature to me. Glad to hear that you choose to wear one. Please stick around the site and visit the Regional Forums for your area so you can get in on group rides and other activities that members are organizing.


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