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tallbikeman 06-15-13 10:55 AM

new to you older bicyclist introductions
I love mountain biking, most road biking as long as it is safe, night bicycling, recumbents bikes, cargo bikes, and modified bikes. I own at least one of each of the previous and of course have opinions on all. I own a 1995 Trek 820 that has only the frame and fork as original, a RANS Gliss sprung recumbent with 20 inch wheels, a Schwinn, Chicago, Varsity that runs drum brakes and a nexus 7 speed internal geared hub on 700c wheels, and a 1995 Worksman LGB model with front hub brake and a Sturmey Archer 2 speed rear hub. I'm interested especially in safe road rides and dirt road/off road rides. I love single track and work on new off road rides all the time. I build my own wheels and do all my own repair. I have been straightening steel bicycle frames since I was a kid so have some expertise at that also. I am 6ft x 5in tall and this makes me build custom modifications to all of the above bikes except for the RANS so they will fit me. The RANS fits me well and is the most comfortable bicycle I own. Questions? Love to hear from you.

10 Wheels 06-15-13 10:58 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Do you run any strobe lights for safe day riding?

qcpmsame 06-15-13 07:24 PM

Hi, welcome to BF, your bike stable is very eclectic and covers the entire gamut of disciplines in bicycling. Very nice stable and you have very good taste in bikes. Your Varsity sounds very original and interesting. The mechanical experience should be well valued here, our mechanics Forum is a very good place to gather up information, the folks there are knowledgeable. Wheel building, frame repairs and such are acquired taste, I am partial to wheel building myself. Surf the various forums here and decide which or all of them you enjoy and make your self at home. Great to have you here with us, looking forward to reading your posts too.


tallbikeman 07-14-13 11:12 PM

10 Wheels, I do not run daylight lighting. I find daytime lighting is usually a very bright strobe light that I can't stand to look at when they are coming toward me. This forces me to look away from the cyclist which I think is counter intuitive to what you want happening. There are some seriously bright bicycle lights out there now for night riding. Some of these lights are brighter than car lights and are probably overkill and dangerous for oncoming traffic. I have been blinded by several of these lights at night and had to ride toward them by looking away from the source. Again I think this is not what you want happening. I choose rides based on safety first. I find newer city roads and intersections to be the scariest to ride on. They design the roads with great bicycle lanes that unfortunately are also part of these high speed 4 lane roads. I tend to ride as far to the right as I can or even on unpopulated sidewalks if possible in order to get as far away from the high speed missiles going by just a few feet away. I set my bicycles up with appropriate tires for these less than optimum surfaces. All the broken glass, metal screws, and thorns tend to be in the gutters and along the edges of the road. I find roads with high car counts and higher speeds tend to be more dangerous than low speed, low car count roads. A country road with a paint stripe for a bicycle lane can be safe as long as very little car traffic is present. I find rides in town that have very low car counts and lower speeds and ride them. Europe has gone to dedicated bicycle road systems. We have the American River Bike Trail, 30+ miles of car free heaven as an example of that. Can't wait till more of this type of car free road system takes hold. Bicycling is wonderful.

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