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gliam01 06-16-13 04:17 PM

New from Boston -any advice welcome
Hi All!

I just wanted to introduce myself on here. I've recently decided I want to start riding, which I haven't done for a very long time. This seemed like a good place to start.

I just started looking into bikes in the last couple of weeks but am getting a bit overwhelmed! To start out, I'm looking for something fairly sturdy, reliable and comfortable. I don't want to make a large investment until I see how much I like riding. I figure in a year or two I could trade up to something better.

I'm wondering if it is worth it to buy a new bike or if I should try to pick up something used on craigslist. I see a lot of 70s Raleigh 3-speed bikes in the Boston area...any insight on these?

I appreciate any feedback or advice I can get. Thanks!

10 Wheels 06-16-13 05:53 PM

Hello Amanda,

Craigslist is the way to start.

I started on a $15 CL bike. Learned much and rode it 1500 miles before getting a brand new bike.

Everyone here will be happy to help you when you have problems and questions.
Your first bike is a learning bike. You wil llearn much about yourself and bikes.

qcpmsame 06-16-13 06:45 PM

Hi Amanda, welcome To BF. The Classic and Vintage Forum here can help you with what to look for in a classic Raleigh 3-speed bike, they have a large following there, great bikes too. Best of luck on the bike search too.


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