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bugz 06-17-13 01:19 AM

Not another former NYer (now Seattle)
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You can take the aminal outta NY but....well you can finger out the rest.

Long time lurker, new poster, and I ain't talking about the picture of me down at the post office. I've been perusing this form and would like to say thanks to all for all the great info! Me being me I disregarded all of it as I just picked up a minty example of a highly desirable Motive Newport (stop laughing at me). Like a rubber biscuit, whadya want for nuthin?

In addition to that atrocity I have a bunch of vintage and homebuilt balloon tyre types. As some of you may have already surmised, I'm not one for zooming around or jumping hills, this bag of bones is beyond that. I prefer high-stylin' and profilin'

Sorry to have bothered y'all with my drivel, now back to the regular programming. Not my actual bike but exactly the same model and color

qcpmsame 06-17-13 04:55 AM

Hi Bugz, welcome to BF, nice gratuitous Blues Brothers reference there. Sounds like the Beach Cruiser Forum might be the place for you to hang out. Take a gander in the Northwest Regional Forum so you can find others in your general area to set up rides and such. Great to have you around the place.


bugz 06-17-13 09:34 AM

Hiya Bill, thanks for the welcome. See you next Wednesday, ask for Babs LOL

qcpmsame 06-17-13 07:03 PM

Certainly will, ride lots brother!


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