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Riceking 06-19-13 12:40 AM

New from San Diego
Hey everyone. I'm Tristan and I just riding riding. I picked up a 2001 (at least that's what the seller told me) bianchi veloce. Hopefully I can learn fast.

10 Wheels 06-19-13 02:45 AM

Hello Tristan,

Welcome to Bike Forums..

Ride up and down Texas Street.

teufelhunden222 06-19-13 02:53 AM

the 101 is good for building yourself up. I am in escondido if you need a riding buddy.

qcpmsame 06-19-13 04:57 AM

Hi Tristan, welcome to BF, glad to have you here with us. Visit the SoCal Regional Forum so you cn connect with other riders in your area of San Diego, to ride with.


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