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cqcumber 06-21-13 11:50 AM

Greetings from Dallas Texas
Hi everyone, I'm from Dallas Texas, and I've been riding bikes since I was in highschool. However, college, and other interests have put me off the road for a long long time. I recently bought a road bike and decided it's time to get back to what I like to do with my free time. BikeForums has always been my go to site for all info regarding to bike, so I decided to join the community. Nice to meet you guys and looking forward to the good time!

10 Wheels 06-21-13 03:36 PM

Hey there cqcumber,

Welcome to Bike Forums for a 71 y/o road rider.

qcpmsame 06-21-13 07:49 PM

Hi, welcome to BF, great to have you join in with us here. Surf around the various forums and see which ones best suit your interests.


cactuss 07-01-13 07:50 PM

Welcome tex! Yep, biking of all types is becoming more popular especially Mtn biking.

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