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casjr2171 06-21-13 09:26 PM

Another new roadie
Hi, my name is Carl and I live in the Richmond VA area. I've been riding a Bianchi hybrid bike for the last 15-20 years as a casual "daily exercize" rider. Last month, I saw a local promo for a century/half century event so I signed up and struggled thru 50 miles successfully on the heavy hybrid and felt great about it. (Full disclosure: I'm 66 yrs ols.)

Since that experience, I've joined the local bike club and bought a Specialized Allez Elite as my entry to road bikes. Just got it today and I've been out riding in the dark ( w/headlight and blinkies of course!).

I have to admit I'm a little intimidated by the "drop" handle bar, new way of shifting and braking, the riding posture, etc. But Im sure all that becomes natural in good time. I have decided to learn the bike first and only then, clipless pedals. I have enough to master with the bike.

You will no doubt see me popping up all around this forum asking a million questions but as long as you are interested in discussing these subjects with me and giving your sage advice, I will keep asking questions. Thanks! Carl

10 Wheels 06-21-13 09:34 PM

Hey Carl,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

71 here began road riding at 65.

I with toe clips / no straps work fine for me.

qcpmsame 06-22-13 03:22 PM

Hi Carl, welcome to BF, from another 50+ rider, it sounds as if no motivation is necessary for your riding. Drop in at the 50+ forum and join in with the gang, we cover the entire spectrum of riding ability and bicycle disciplines there. the Specialized Allez Elite is a good roadie, very well engineered bike, I'm an a Cannondale CAAD10 4, very similar set up and frame materials. The Southeast Regional Forum will have others in your area that are looking for rides and such, if you want to add to your club riding or find routes and events. The clipless pedals are a personal preference that only you can decide, 10 Wheels loves the clips and quills, Ive evolved from quills to the SPD-SL type now, different strokes for different folks. Glad to have you join in with us here.


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