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Magnifico 09-19-13 01:27 PM

Looks like I should tell you I'm in Michigan
Yo. So, I got a bike because I lost my license and car. Long story but it wasn't drinking and driving so there's that at least. I needed a way to get around and shoe leather wasn't working because I broke my ankle last year and walking hurts. Anyway, I got the bike for transportation and it turns out I like riding it! I feel good, my leg muscles are getting huge, and I'll be damned if my ankle hasn't improved too. So now that well into the activity I've got questions. Hence my presence. Carry on.

10 Wheels 09-19-13 02:28 PM

Hello Magnifico.

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Look around and have fun posting.

GuyWood 09-19-13 02:35 PM

Welcome Magnifico, sounds like you got the bike bug dude :) !

Lacumo 09-19-13 07:53 PM

Welcome to BF!

Juha 09-20-13 07:08 AM

Welcome to the Forums, and to the addiction! :beer:


Siu Blue Wind 09-20-13 08:07 AM

Ahhh so it's not so bad after all, eh? Glad you found a love for cycling. We have a regional area where people meet and ride together. Check it out!

TheIVJackal 09-20-13 07:52 PM

What I love about riding is how much faster you can get to places on a bike vs. walking. Welcome!
- Aaron

Leukybear 09-21-13 02:47 PM


Zephyr11 09-22-13 11:04 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Dannihilator 09-22-13 07:57 PM

Hello, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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