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Andrew.Pourak 09-21-13 07:00 PM

Hi All
Hello Everyone,

My name is Andrew and I am an absolute newbie when it comes to biking. I live in North Atlanta in case anyone is from around here. While in the Army, I injured my lower back and in the process gained about 25lbs from lack of exercise/laziness. Since running is really not a good option for me at this time, after a long wait period I decided to go purchase an entry level road bike today. I rode about three miles and probably had 6 heart attacks in the process but it was a good time. If anyone has any advice or recommendations on accessories to get, I will be greatly appreciative. Thanks for having me.


no1mad 09-21-13 07:04 PM

Welcome aboard :)

Siu Blue Wind 09-21-13 07:06 PM

Hi Andrew, welcome to Bike Forums! Cycling is a great start to regaining your fitness and achieving your weight loss. It's low impact so it will be easy on your back. We have a regional section here that you might be interested in checking out, I'm sure you can get together with some members there and go on some entry level rides.

Have fun and ride safe!

Leukybear 09-21-13 08:39 PM

Nice to meet you Andrew, welcome to bikeforums!

No need to be shy because you're a beginner. We all had to start somewhere to get where we are today.
We're here to help, don't worry about what might sound like a stupid question.

Lacumo 09-21-13 09:02 PM

Welcome to BF!

Zephyr11 09-22-13 11:04 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

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