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Engraver23 09-23-13 06:18 AM

Hello from Chicago
Hello my name is Luis I am from Chicago and have just started to ride a bike again. Haven't really ridden one since I was a kid. Mostly doing it to try and shed a few pounds and to try and get my daughter into it. We started a little late in the year but we should be able to get a few nice weekend trail rides in before the good old Chicago winter hits. Hope to learn alot here, seems like a great site with alot of nice people. Been skimming through the posts and finally decided to join the forum.

Luis S.

Juha 09-23-13 06:46 AM

Hello Luis, welcome to Bike Forums!


Lacumo 09-23-13 08:34 AM

Welcome to BF!

no1mad 09-23-13 10:52 AM

Howdy :)

Zephyr11 09-23-13 03:02 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Siu Blue Wind 09-23-13 06:53 PM

Don't let the winter blues get you down! We have a winter cycling section that you might want to visit. :)

Leukybear 09-23-13 10:04 PM

Nice to meet you Luis!

I believe in you. Teach those pounds who's boss! Welcome aboard!

rosemerry778 09-24-13 03:40 AM

HI Luis! Thats make us one. Welcome

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