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doubleheader 09-23-13 05:53 PM

Hello all
Hi everyone. I'm DH from west PA. My wife and I have been biking for a number of years but have formed a renewed interest in the last couple years. I ride a Specialized Secteur Comp and she a Dolce and we also have flat bar bikes for gravel. We have lots of gravel here in western PA. Anyhow, glad to join you, and oh yea I'm a young 61.

10 Wheels 09-23-13 06:12 PM

Hey doubleheader,

Good to have another youngster sign up.

I started road riding at 65.

Welcome to Bike Forums from a 71 y/o Texas road rider.

RonH 09-23-13 06:19 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. I'm coming up on 69. :beer:
Stop by the 50+ forum and say hello to the other old timers.

Siu Blue Wind 09-23-13 06:47 PM

You can never be too old to ride a bike. :) Welcome to Bike Forums! Your wife is welcome here too, does she have her own account?

Lacumo 09-23-13 09:06 PM

Welcome to BF!

Leukybear 09-23-13 09:57 PM

61 is the new 50 ;)

Welcome to bikeforums! Get comfortable and enjoy your stay!

rosemerry778 09-24-13 03:43 AM

very sweet looking couple you would be. I hope you will love it as you used to be.

PhotoJoe 09-24-13 07:26 AM

Welcome! :thumb:

Zephyr11 09-25-13 04:40 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

doubleheader 09-30-13 07:09 AM

Thanks for making me feel welcome all. Very much appreciated.

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