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Short Circuit 09-26-13 05:47 PM

Hello From Ontario, Canada
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My name is Mark and I live in Southern Ontario. I have been lurking here for some time and though I had better introduce myself.
I started riding bikes last year but really got serious this year when I decided I needed to lose a bunch of weight.
In March I started out on a treadmill and then onto a Trek hybrid with straight bars. An older Norco 12 speed road bike was next for a bit and then I decided to bite the bullet and get a newer bike.
So I found a 2010 Giant Defy 3 on Kijiji and that is the bike I am riding now. I also bought a roller trainer with a fork attachment to keep me pedaling in the wintertime.
I started out this March at 256 1/2 lbs and I have lost 63 1/2 lbs with 7 - 10 more pounds to go.


no1mad 09-26-13 05:54 PM

Welcome aboard :)

That's a helluva weight loss! Congrats! :thumb:

Siu Blue Wind 09-26-13 06:47 PM

Wow Mark, that's quite an accomplishment! Congrats! Seems like you got the bike bug, too. Next thing you know, you'll be wondering how those bikes multiplied! haha

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Juha 09-26-13 11:09 PM

Cheers Mark, congrats on the weight loss and welcome to BF!


Leukybear 09-26-13 11:52 PM

Great job on shedding the excess baggage Mark! On a bike and doin' it tight.

Welcome to bikeforums!

Short Circuit 09-27-13 05:31 AM

Thanks for the welcomes !!!!
Yes I have caught the bike bug. I try to get out every day for a 20 - 30 km run and I really didn't diet to loose the weight, just started eating healthier and more often during the day.
I do eat breakfast now and a snack every 2 hours and drink at least 4 bottles of water a day, and try not to eat after 8 pm.
No more bikes for a while though. Our new house needs some attention first.
I got my wife riding now too. She has arthritis that attacks the muscles not the joints so we got her a Giant Suede bike to ride in the beginning of the summer and she wanted something a bit faster so a few weeks ago we bought a Specialized Vita and she loves that bike to the point where she will go for a ride during the day without me.
She's hooked too !!!!


werwer2012 09-27-13 05:41 AM

Welcome to the forum, here you have access to a lot of valuble information. It can sure help you out when you need it.

Lacumo 09-27-13 08:34 AM

Welcome to BF and congrats on the weight loss!

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