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kidfixer 10-03-13 11:17 AM

Hi all.

New to forums. 60 y/o who restarted biking a little over a year ago. Ride a comfort hybrid (sorry) but moving up to a flat bar road bike soon. Bike to work and back, weather permitting, 10 miles a day, and stretch that to 15 miles on wads.


Daspydyr 10-03-13 02:34 PM

Hey Kidfixer-welcome to Bike Forums! I'll be 60 in January. I've been getting about 70 miles a week in. Restarted biking after getting both hips replaced. I have really enjoyed the return to good health. Good luck on the bike.

Lacumo 10-03-13 06:11 PM

Welcome to BF! Check out the Fifty Plus forum -- you'll find kindred spirits and stories there.

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