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Bigscreen Bob 01-13-14 12:59 PM

New old guy in Ohio - vintage nut
Just getting into bikes, probably some mild form of mid-life crisis :)

I know nothing about bikes but am starting to learn.

Couple of years ago thanks to Craigs List I picked up a blue 1980 Schwinn World Tourist 100% original, then a yellow 1973 Schwinn Super Sport with alloy wheels, both in superb condition, and bargain-priced. The yellow Super Sport was no doubt a replacement for the yellow Le Tour from my teen years!

Then late last summer my brother-in-law gave me his 1973 Peugeot UO-8, which I've just started to restore and pimp out with vintage accessories, or at least period-correct new retro accessories. I'm all about aesthetics, and am making this one a period-correct and very French touring bike. Photos will be posted maybe in February in March of the completed restoration.

On the other side of the spectrum, my wife has a 2013 Canondale Quick 4.



TampaRaleigh 01-13-14 01:01 PM

Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm a recovering Ohioan, current vintage nut. There's LOT'S of great info and grat people in the C&V forums.

LCFJ60 01-13-14 01:10 PM

Welcome to the forums. I look forward to the pictures.

Lacumo 01-13-14 01:37 PM

Welcome to BF!

seedsbelize 01-13-14 01:39 PM

Welcome. I am also a recovering Ohioan. And vintage head.

no1mad 01-13-14 02:10 PM

Welcome aboard :)

PhotoJoe 01-13-14 03:31 PM

Welcome, and pix or it didn't happen! ;)

Leukybear 01-14-14 12:39 AM

Mid-life crisis? Psh, more like DESTINY.

Welcome to bikeforums!

Zephyr11 01-14-14 11:05 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

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