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SD Fixed 05-23-02 05:22 PM

Coming back
I was here last summer when I commuted a little. I came back a few months ago, but my mouth overlouded, and I implemented a temporary ban. Now, I'm getting back towards commuting.. so now I'm gonna come back. I promise to be good.

Joe Gardner 05-23-02 05:25 PM

Welcome Back :)

SD Fixed 05-23-02 05:29 PM

Thanks for the (swift) welcome back Joe. I'm glad no one has held a grudge..

I've given up on trying to drive the jeep to work. It sucks gas, traffic is bad enough, and.. well you know all the 13 million reasons why it's better.

ljbike 05-23-02 05:48 PM

Welcome Back! Hope it works out for you this time. And good luck with your commuting.

GravityBmxer 06-07-02 04:15 PM

Welcome back!:)

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