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amycs 01-16-14 01:19 PM

Believe it or not, I'm new too!
From Philly and shopping for a new bike!

goldfinch 01-16-14 02:54 PM

Welcome amycs! What kind of bike are you shopping for?

Juha 01-16-14 02:56 PM

Cheers amycs, welcome to Bike Forums!


Lacumo 01-16-14 04:19 PM

Welcome to BF!

Zephyr11 01-17-14 12:33 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums! What kind of biking are you planning on doing?

Leukybear 01-17-14 11:35 PM

Welcome to Bikeforums!

Random word of advice but it's always best to test ride a bike before committing to it! ;)

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