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PIPO_VV 01-17-14 11:52 AM

New rider
Sup guys. I'm a soldier with 14 years of service who recently started riding because my knees can't no longer take all the running we do in the military. I started on a MTB but realized soon that I wasn't going to keep up with my buddies on theirs road bikes. After 6 weeks of struggles I decided I've had enough and bought me a VeloVie 300SE and haven't look back. I've put over 1800 miles on it and I love it. I recently went on a trip to Puerto Rico and had a blast riding up the hills, something I wasn't used to here in WA. I know there's plenty of hills here but I tried to stay on trails as much as I can and most are flat. I'm playing with the idea of doing the STP in July or Ramrod...has anyone on here done either one?

Lanceoldstrong 01-17-14 12:00 PM

Thank you for your service to our country. Welcome to BikeForums. Spin easy gears on those hills for those knees. I am a runner turned cyclist from bad knees too. I hope you blossom as a cyclist and take to it like I have. I have no experience with STP or Ramrod, sorry. Enjoy that sweet VeloVie it looks like a fast machine.

Zephyr11 01-17-14 12:33 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums! Check out the Touring and Road subforums.

no1mad 01-17-14 03:04 PM

Welcome aboard :)

Another section to check out-

Lacumo 01-17-14 06:57 PM

Welcome to BF!

Leukybear 01-17-14 11:39 PM

Welcome to bikeforums!
Thank you for your service to your country.

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