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Insan115 01-17-14 05:59 PM

Hi everyone, I'm insan from Vancouver, BC. I haven't ride a bike for long time like 7 years or more than that.
So, I'm recently looking for nice starter bike that will fit me well.
Anyways, nice to meet you guys :)

no1mad 01-17-14 06:02 PM

Welcome aboard :)

goldfinch 01-17-14 06:53 PM

Welcome to BFs! Depending on what kind of riding you are interested in, there are a variety of forums here where you can find help on picking a bike.

Lacumo 01-17-14 06:55 PM

Welcome to BF and back to cycling!

Leukybear 01-18-14 03:36 PM

Thankfully we don't forget how to ride bikes :)

Welcome to Bikeforums!

Be sure to test ride the bike first before committing!

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