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pedrorncity 01-18-14 10:59 AM

New Brazilian cyclist here
Hey guys how is it going?

My name's Pedro, I'm 20 and I'm a Information Systems student.

So, I've been riding my new road bike for 5 months, actually I'm not sure whether I am still a newbie or not but anyway, I hope I can learn more about cycling over here mainly due the number of experienced cyclists from all around the world who are always helping new athlets like me.

Although I don't commute yet, in these 5 months I rode about 1.300KM, I know it isn't that much but for me this number is very meanful.

Here's my bike, I don't know if it is allowed to post pics here (I hope so :D):

Thank you!

RonH 01-18-14 11:49 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums Pedro. Nice looking bike. :thumb:
Feel free to browse, read, and post and have fun. Pictures are always welcome.

Leukybear 01-18-14 03:53 PM

Nice to meet you Pedro!

Welcome to bikeforums! We're all friends/ fellow cyclists here.

Pictures are always welcome; especially here, where it's nice to see the bike behind the rider. :)

Lacumo 01-18-14 06:46 PM

Welcome to BF!

pedrorncity 01-19-14 03:18 PM

Thanks guys!

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