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n7eoj 01-19-14 10:14 AM

Old guy, new member
At 68, I'm guessing most here are younger than me, but more knowledgeable about bikes.
I've had a Motobecane 10 speed since mid 70s. 5 years ago I got a 21 speed hybrid for commuting and exercise.
I didn't think I needed a road bike and wanted ability to get in the dirt, if need be.
When I can I like to take 10-35 mile rides, (to keep my doctor happy)
We have some very good bike techs in our local shops, but I still like to think I can work on some things.
In addition to the I'net (thank you BikeForums), my text references are my 1973 edition of "anybody's bike book" and the 4th Edition of "Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance". Sometimes they disagree. Being an old fart, I need clear and simple instructions.
So be patient, eventually I get it.
BTW: n7eoj is my Amateur Radio callsign.

pyratenomad 01-19-14 10:20 AM

Welcome to the forum!

RonH 01-19-14 11:50 AM

Welcome Bud. You can get lots of help in the Bicycle Mechanics forum and you should fit right in with the 50+ forum. I'm 69 and hang out there a lot. Only road bikes for me. :beer:

Lacumo 01-19-14 05:56 PM

Welcome to BF!

goldfinch 01-20-14 07:43 AM


Originally Posted by n7eoj (Post 16423445)
BTW: n7eoj is my Amateur Radio callsign.

Hey Budd, my dad was a pioneer in amateur radio. His call sign was W0BJY.

Welcom to bike forums.

Zephyr11 01-20-14 04:32 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Dannihilator 01-20-14 05:33 PM

Welcome to the forums.

Leukybear 01-23-14 06:12 PM

Welcome to bikeforums Budd!
Age 68? Nah, you're not that old around here. There's plenty older members still kicking around on bikes and making young people look bad. :)

n7eoj 01-27-14 06:21 AM

Damn! It happened again!

I spent the past two weekends working on replacing the chain, pedals and toeclips and adjusting the shifters. I was getting ready to ride my bike in to school. I rolled it out on my porch. I went back inside to flack my backpack and put on a light wind breaker.
I heard my driveway alarm and by the time I got to the front of the house there was no one out there and neither was my bike! I hopped in the car and toured the neighborhood. A couple of people said they saw “a guy with a couple of bikes”, but they were gone…

I had another bike taken off my porch five years ago, that was locked up. I’ve had numerous vehicle breakins and thefts. One guy actually CRAWLED in my front door, with me sitting next to the door. I’ve reported all these to the police over the years. A few weeks later, a blank police report will arrive in the mail with instructions to fill it out and mail it back…I have yet to see a live cop, unless they are chasing someone through the neighborhood.

RonH 01-27-14 08:23 AM

Sorry to hear the bad news. Sounds like you need to move to a safer neighborhood.

MightyLegnano 01-27-14 08:23 AM

Welcome to the forums brother!

I'm so sorry to hear about your bike :( Was it the hybrid or the motobecane? Those damn thieves drive me crazy! My strategy lately comprised of a huge chain and my mind is finally at ease.


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