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MechEngTech 01-22-14 01:58 PM

Mechanical Engineering Tech Student
Hi my name is Lee and I am a Student in Edmonton Alberta, Canada

I am currently working on a final project for my program and am wondering if i could get some help from the people in this comminuty.

I am designing an add-on for a Wheelchair which involes using a bicycle shaft drive and internal gear hub for a person to pedal with their arms to move around. I understand the basics of how the bicycle shaft drive works but google doesnt help for more advanced questions.

I need to know if a shaft drive system can be used to move backwards?

What the cheapest internal gear hub that is modified to work with a shaft drive system? so far I could only find shimano alfine but it is out of the design price criteria.

And I am most likely going to design my own shaft as the length needs to be increased. But i need to know who makes the cheapest shaft as well?

If anyone who sees this knows anything about this or can point me to someone who can I will be forever grateful. :)

Sixty Fiver 01-22-14 02:13 PM

We have an adaptive cycling program through the Bicycle Commuter's Society and consult on these projects and also have a bicycle fabrication shop here in Edmonton... if you are at NAIT then we aren't that far apart either.

Most adaptive bicycles that rely on arm power still utilize a chain / derailleur system to reduce weight and to simplify the system... most wheelchairs are not designed to operate at great speed so what you are looking at more is building a hand trike and these are available and there is a good number of people using them in the city now.

Lacumo 01-22-14 06:48 PM

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Leukybear 01-23-14 06:32 PM

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Originally Posted by MechEngTech (Post 16432173)
I need to know if a shaft drive system can be used to move backwards?

It depends, if you have a freewheel on the hub you will not be able to move backwards via what you're using to input effort. However you can coast.
If you opt for a "fixed/ track" set up where the gears for the shaft are built into/ bolted directly on the hub body, then you can go backwards via applying opposite input effort. However with the latter, you cannot coast. But you get the traditional wheelchair drivetrain.

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