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firsttimeat55 01-23-14 11:12 AM

Hi From Minnesota!! 55 and still alive!
Hi, I'm 55 and I am determined to make a big change in my life. It's January and my goal is to ride a 4-day 60-80 mile per day bike tour in August. I have always loved to bike and just bought a new bike last summer, nothing to fancy, (I'm putting two kids through college), but it's a road bike and I am hoping it will work. I am seeking advice on training, eating etc. I have some weight to lose before August, but I believe I can do that with no problem. My past biking experience really consists of 20-mile bike rides on a Sunday afternoon. So I know I have my work cutout for me. I'l take any advice anyone has! Thanks!

CbadRider 01-23-14 11:21 AM

Welcome to the forum! Check out the Touring and 50+ forums, I'm sure they can answer your questions.

Lacumo 01-23-14 03:30 PM

Welcome to BF! Definitely do some reading in the Touring Forum, Training and Nutrition Forum and 50+ Forum. If you do enough forum and internet research you can find more training info than you’ll need in ten lifetimes, but Joel Friel’s books “The Cyclist’s Training Bible” and “Cycling Past 50” are classics and you can find them for a total of $11 (used) on Ebay. Good luck with your planned tour!

Leukybear 01-23-14 06:36 PM

Welcome to bikeforums!

goldfinch 01-23-14 07:52 PM

Welcome! I too am from Minnesota. I saw your post over on 50+. Once you have enough posts to do private messages I would be glad to chat about BAM and other Minnesota ride opportunities. A great one to start out with is Tour of Lakes up in the Brainerd area at the beginning of June.

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