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sats0503 02-07-14 07:05 PM

Hello from central Florida
Hi there, Todd Here

Hoping to come in and learn some things since I've been out of the riding game for quite some time. Also maybe make some new friends. Looking at getting into mountain biking again, nothing crazy, descent hardtail for on and off road trails. Window shopping for now as I learn all the differences.

RaleighSport 02-07-14 07:06 PM

Hi there Todd and welcome to the forums.. I'd bet you can find the mountain bike subforum ;)

Lacumo 02-07-14 08:51 PM

Welcome to BF!

RonH 02-08-14 07:26 AM

Welcome from a roadie in west central Florida.

sats0503 02-11-14 07:38 AM

Thank you all for the welcomes, now where is that forum???

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