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augiedogie 02-09-14 05:39 PM

Old rider, new member in Lubbock Tx
I used to ride a lot, 30 years ago. Got out of habit with kids and all. Decided I'm falling apart from age too fast, and so I bought a new bike to try to get back in shape. Used to ride 100 mile centuries. Now 6 miles is a challenge so I have a long hill to climb. My goal is first to complete a metric century. This may take some time.

texbiker 02-09-14 07:03 PM

Welcome to BF. Don't give up. All long rides start as a short ride.

Look at the event calendar at for rides in Texas.

10 Wheels 02-09-14 07:06 PM

Hey augiedogie

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Start with 5 mile rides until you body parts get in shape for longer rides.

Lacumo 02-09-14 07:06 PM

Welcome to BF and back to cycling!

Zephyr11 02-10-14 03:36 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

augiedogie 02-10-14 10:21 PM

Yesterday I went up to 6 miles and had no ill effects, so I'm going to go for 7, once it warms up and work toward 10 miles, then hold and ride there for awhile at that distance. Thanks for the link to the Texas biking forum.

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