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edspecR 02-12-14 02:33 AM

Hello from California!
hello hello, thought i'd transfer on over from the car forums onto here as I've moved up from socal to norcal and sold my cars prior to moving. picked up cycling as a form of commuting and for fun/workout and enjoying it very much! was also able to transfer some skillsets over from the auto industry to the bike world and enjoy picking up old bikes/frames and restoring them back to shape. unfortunately, living in Oakland over the past 2 years has already resulted in two of my bikes (and my toolbox...) being stolen, but each time i was able to come back with something better. hope to get to know some locals and the greater bike community as a whole! see you around! at the moment i have a frankenbike for my commuter, and a salvaged look kg486 that i take around for rides. i guess i can end it with a pic of my stable as it looks currently... minus my wife's steelie:

no1mad 02-12-14 02:41 AM

Welcome aboard :)

You might check out our NorCal Regional if you're hoping to find new riding buddies.

Lacumo 02-12-14 07:14 AM

Welcome to BF and here’s hoping your “theft frequency index” goes down now that you’ve moved...

edspecR 02-12-14 04:52 PM

haha "theft frequency index," is that what its called? i'll keep that in mind :thumb:

Zephyr11 02-13-14 05:40 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

RaleighSport 02-13-14 05:43 PM

Howdy from up north in wine country ;)

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