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Yessong 02-13-14 12:39 PM

Hi all from Long Island, NY
I found this board while searching the web on Newsboy bicycles for background research on a display I setup in the lobby of the newspaper I work for. See the post I placed in the Newsboy Bicycle thread. Neat community - I have a Schwinn Lemon Peeler - had it since about 1978 as well as a late 70's Schwinn 10 speed (can't remember the model right now)

RonH 02-13-14 03:57 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Good luck with your search for info about newsboy bikes.

Zephyr11 02-13-14 05:40 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Lacumo 02-13-14 09:17 PM

Welcome to BF!

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