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choa 02-13-14 05:07 PM

Hello from the Netherlands
Greetings fellow cyclists! Long time member here, so I figured I should introduce myself before posting. I'm a big fan of (road) cycling, currently living/studying in the Netherlands. Like everybody around here I have a couple of bikes, from a daily beater grandma bike to a money eating weight weenie-ish carbon racer. Looking forward to being a part of the BikeForums community :thumb:.

no1mad 02-13-14 05:30 PM

Welcome aboard (even if you've been lurking for nearly 7 years) :)

Zephyr11 02-13-14 05:39 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Lacumo 02-13-14 09:18 PM

Welcome to BF!

Barrettscv 02-15-14 12:22 PM

Welcome to Bikeforums

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