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stewartstewart 02-13-14 08:02 PM

Hello people. New guy Austin, Texas
Whats up. I'm new to the forums and relatively new to bikes. I rode a freestyle growing up and owned a single-speed raleigh when I lived in Florida where the land was flat. Now living in Austin, TX, I'm looking to start riding for transport and rec purposes, so I figured I'd join up. Anyways, good to be here. Don't make too much fun of my newb questions and/or comments :thumb:

Lacumo 02-13-14 09:15 PM

Welcome to BF!

texbiker 02-13-14 09:56 PM

Welcome to BF. Enjoy the hills.

CustomSteel 02-13-14 09:58 PM

Austen eh? You picked a good location for the bike market. Have fun browsing :)

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