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silverdz302 02-14-14 10:12 AM

Hello From Washington, Connecticut USA! My inspirations....hope this inspires others
Hi I'm David Martin and I'm 25 years old and getting married in 7 months. I ride a 2007 Specialized Roubaix, Swim at Canterbury School in New Milford CT, and Work at at Phys ed Health and performance in New Milford CT, Home to olympic hopeful Lindsey Jacobellis!

I work at a Physical Therapy clinic where my main goal is to brighten faces, make people smile, and help people feel better. I am also a personal trainer and have some good knowledge with nutrition. My inspirations are my late aunt Gail Osgood who was a triathlete and died from breast cancer and gave me so much wisdom. Also a patient of mine, Brandon, who is 20 years old, has had brain cancer where the tumor is now stagnant, and never complains. He has little functioning of the left side of his body and his exercises include standing on both feet and closing his eyes for 10 seconds and then re-opening them. His Cerebellum is badly damaged because of fluid build up. They put a shunt in his brain to drain the fluid, but in the past couple weeks put it on too high and it started to drain all of his cerebral spinal fluid. I think of him all the time, and the fact that he never complains and never gives up makes me want to work 300 times harder.

I am beginning to train for triathlons more seriously this year. I started in the last 3 years where 2 years ago I competed in my first two Sprints. I loved the feeling of crossing the finish line and proud of myself for the training. I went too hard off the bat last year, running 7 miles in the wrong shoes and pushing through the pain. I learned the hard way this is not what to do, and my knee decided to not let me race that year. I started a blog, to start recording what I am learning, my training, and also my stories.

I really want to succeed but most importantly have fun. I know I can do well as I did well in sports in school. But most importantly, I want to prove to myself and others I can be a great athlete, and train hard, and not complain. I also want to do it for Brandon, I want to work hard for both of us, If he has the determination to get up every morning I can put in the effort to be the best i can be. He is back in the hospital now and I don't know when he will be able to come back home for therapy, but as he texts me from him bed, telling me how he is unsure of his future, I try to tell him I am. I'm sure he will continue to fight, push, smile, and come home soon so we can hang out. I'm not sure if any of our therapy will ever help, but I know I can help his spirit and I know he has helped me be the best person I can be.

no1mad 02-14-14 10:32 AM

Welcome aboard :)

Juha 02-14-14 12:20 PM

Cheers David, welcome to Bike Forums!


Lacumo 02-14-14 07:49 PM

Welcome to BF!

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