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estrangeiro 02-14-14 01:51 PM

The Wastelands of Eastern North Carolina
I try to remain positive but there is not a hill in any direction for at least 90 miles and the motorists are murderous. So, yeah, I will be critiqueing NC roads a lot, that and living vicariously through the posts of others that actually live in bicycle-friendly areas.

Dudelsack 02-14-14 03:30 PM

Whereabouts? I used to go to Ocean Isle Beach each summer. Never did any cycling except run a beach cruiser up and down the island. Always hotter than hell when I was there.

RonH 02-14-14 03:50 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Whereabouts in NC?

Lacumo 02-14-14 07:50 PM

Welcome to BF!

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