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paddy1995 02-15-14 02:31 PM

advice on buying a bike for round the world cycle??
Hi, I am going on a 24,000km cycle around the world and am not sure which bike to get.. im around 5.10 and 70kg and ideal bike size is 53cm frame.

i am thinking of getting one of these 3 bikes:

In addtion to buying these i will put on a pannier on the front and replace the handlebars with butterfly bars. These three bikes are hybrid style.. have lower back problems so i want to stay away from road bikes and drop bars.I am not pushes about time and am only planning on cycling around 70km a day for 6 days a week. i am planning on doing this rate in an uprigth body position rather than been bent forward on the drops as this could hurt my back.

I will be cycling on all sorts of roads including the pamir highway so I will need 40mm tyres. i wont be carrying too much gear either.

could someone please help me on a bike to pick? Will any of these three bikes do the job? Im not fussed about gears or brakes really as long as they work im happy

no1mad 02-15-14 02:51 PM

Welcome aboard :)

Of those three, my personal bias against cheap shock forks means that if I were picking the three for myself (and my needs), that Stevens is the one I'd pick. That being said, you are planning a rather long trip and will undoubtedly encounter less than ideal surfaces, so the Cube might be an option (plus it has better FD/RD and 9spd cassette). If you pick the Cube, I would suggest you upgrade to some full coverage fenders ASAP, because the stock ones are more fashion than function.

BTW, just because a bike has drop bars does not mean that it has to be set up where your nose is level with the twig and berries- it depends on the geometry.

paddy1995 02-15-14 02:56 PM

thank you very much for your reply.. yes i will be on all sorts of roads.. so you reckon the cube and upgrade the fenders? do you reckon this bike would last a year on the road?

Lacumo 02-15-14 08:17 PM

Welcome to BF! There will probably be as many different answers to your questions are there people who provide answers. If I was going on an epic tour like what you described, I’d want to do it on a bike that was designed and built for long distance, self-contained, fully loaded, “all conditions” type touring. I don’t think I’d try it on a city bike. But... I’d suggest you spend a lot of time doing product research, a lot of info gathering and window shopping at LBS's as well as a lot of time scouring touring forums before choosing your bike. Good luck with your quest and good luck with the lifetime dream tour.

Beic 02-17-14 06:52 AM

Hi Paddy,

Welcome and Good luck!

Out of the three the Stevens looks the most interesting.

However if it were me I'd go for a steel framed bike.

Check out On One frames, also many people use upgraded old style Mtb's.

Do a google search on long distance rides, you'll see many steel framed bikes.

Also go for tyre and tube sizes which are more popular in out of the way places.


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