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SmokedAllegro2 02-15-14 07:58 PM

Seeking advice on buying new bicycle
As I have stated in a thread on purchasing equipment, I am an older rider looking to buy a new bicycle. If you would like to be of help, please let me know. I would appreciate it. I have an old Allegro Special, and I am seeking to replace it with a high quality hybrid or road bike. Thank you.

J.Oxley 02-15-14 08:04 PM

Hey there, SmokedAllegro2, welcome to bikeforums. You'll find a lot of help around here (and some snark too) so don't hesitate to ask around. I'm into older bikes, so I spend most of my time at the Classic & Vintage section. If that's your thing, there is TONS of knowledge there, just waiting to be tapped. :)

Anyway, good luck with your search. I'm pretty new to cycling, so I won't be much help big-picture-wise. But I've learned a lot in a short time courtesy of these forums.

Lacumo 02-15-14 08:09 PM

Welcome to BF! Doing some info gathering and window shopping at good LBS’s would be a good idea for you. They should be able to fit something to your budget, physical size, needs and intended riding style.

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