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bakerbiker 02-15-14 10:47 PM

hello from Cincinnati
My name is Mark and I have been reading posts on BF for a couple years off and on. I finally decided to join in. I've been riding for over 50 years (your only as old as you feel). I still have the first new bike I bought in 1970; an American Eagle Custom 5 which I am in the process of restoring. My daily rider is an older, full Campi Frejus; not sure how old it is. That was one reason I came to the site on occasion to read info about the Frejus. I enjoy wrenching on bikes almost as much as I do riding them. I have a tendency to adopt orphaned bikes and parts and eventually put them together for friends and relatives. I'm looking forward to joining in and not "lurking" anymore.

10 Wheels 02-15-14 11:56 PM

Hey Mark,

Welcome Bike Forums from a 71 year old Texas road rider.

Post some pics of the old bikes sometime.

Lacumo 02-16-14 07:35 AM

Welcome to BF!

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