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scububa 02-16-14 07:17 PM

Riding in St Louis
Hey all, my name is Jim and I live in St. Louis
I rode a bikes as a kid and traveled all over the town I lived in and really expanded my boundaries on my bike.
I went into the Army and bought a bike in New Jersey and rode around Asbury Park, Sandy Hook and Ft. Monmouth. It was a Schwinn Varsity. The other big option at the time was Raleigh. I grew up riding Tornadoes, Stingrays, Typhoons and various Schwinns, so there ya go. Sold that bike when I got orders to Germany. I am amazed I didn't buy a bike over there and I never had a car, but I didn't. Stereoes, golf, traveling all consumed my time. Came back, started college and made a MAJOR investment in a Super Le Tour 12.2 which was a stretch being in school, but I rode it a lot, my car would sit for weeks or because I couldn't afford a battery or tires for it. (Have you ever gotten up in the middle of a pitcher of beer and run your car to the gas station to put air in your tires so you could get home after the pitcher was finished?)
Moved to Dallas and for the first 6 years, I rode to and from work everyday, taking clothes in on Sunday to hang at my desk and jumping in the pool after the ride home in the heat. Bought a motorcycle and biking took a back seat for a while.
Moved to St. Louis and came back to bike riding by a pretty unusual path, deer hunting. I started archery hunting with my brother and I sold him on the idea of mountain biking with our bows held in 'gun racks' on the handlebars to get into the woods deep. We bought Trek 930s Well, that meant you should train to ride. After a while, I got tired of spending as much time cleaning my bike as riding it and having to 'drive' to a ride site. I got the LeTour out and started riding the road out of the house. Index shifting was just coming on line. I got a Trek carbon tube glued to AL lugs. I still have it. Then I got my 'dream' bike which was a Litespeed Classic with Ultegra. I eventually upgraded to DuraAce. I rode with groups and clubs, started low level racing which I never did well at and began triathlons. I bought a Quintana Roo TT bike and never did like riding that twitchy *****y. I also didn't like running, so I sold that, went back to road riding with MTB in the cold weather. One trip too many to the ER and I sold the MTB and became a Spinning Instructor and lots of road miles. Then work consumed my riding life for a long period. Now I am back to riding the Trek Carbon on a trainer and my LS on the road when the weather allows. I am hoping to be back as a roadie. It turns out that St. Louis is a great town for tennis and riding. (I spent a lot of time playing tennis over the same history. Turns out that is one sport you can transport on a bike.)
That's my story and I am stuck to it ;-)

10 Wheels 02-16-14 07:32 PM

Hey Jim,

Welcome to Bike Forums from a Texas road rider.

Lacumo 02-16-14 07:39 PM

Welcome to BF!

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