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Chipapi 02-17-14 02:49 PM

Mornin from Manila!
Just about getting back on bikes as a hobby as much as for fitness reasons. Last time I had my own bike was before I became a I'm almost in my 30s. :lol: Very glad to be here and get to catch up on what's new before I hit the road again! :thumb:

Lacumo 02-17-14 08:45 PM

Welcome to BF and back to cycling!

Juha 02-18-14 01:31 PM

Cheers and welcome!


Zephyr11 02-18-14 05:03 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

skycomag 02-18-14 06:17 PM

maligayang pagdating sa forum
I cheated an use a translator

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